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We only had one submission this month, but it was an amazing one that earned bonus points for going above and beyond. We encourage everybody to go check it out:

You Are Rogue Tomato! (9104 words) by faviconStealth_Noodle
Chapters: 28/28
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rogue Tomato, Original Characters

Take on the role of Rogue Tomato in a thrilling Choose Your Own Adventure story that uses AO3's chaptering system in ways it was never meant to be used! Travel the world! Make friends! Die absurdly!

That leaves our competition here:

In first place,

Team Ifrit with 160 points

In second place,

Team Ramuh with 120 points

In third place,

Team Shiva with 20 points

Also, we had an exciting weekend -- for the first time ever, all three of your DOINK! Mods were in the same room together! We made nachos and drank things and had a great time, and we decided to take an offical mod photo for anyone in the community who wants to celebrate our big meetup with us.

DOINK! Mod Team )

Stay tuned -- we'll be announcing December's theme in just a bit!
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Sorry for the delay in posting! This month we had another 6 works posted!

In first place:

Team Ifrit, with 145 points total (25 points this month)

In second place:

Team Ramuh, with 120 points total (30 points this month! October winners!)

In third place:

Team Shiva, with 20 points total (0 points this month)

Teams Ifrit and Ramuh are once again battling it out -- Ifrit still has the lead, but Ramuh hasn't given up yet! Team Shiva needs to start hauling in some major points - maybe November will be the month Shiva needs to shine!

Browse October's works )

Stay tuned -- November's challenge will be posted shortly, and it's something quite different~!


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