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The first round of the 2012 Chocobo Races will be opening 30-31 July! To help everyone get excited, we have some awesome banners you can use to support your team and help advertise this year's Chocobo Races anywhere you'd like.

If you're interested in joining this year's Chocobo Races, you can read about them here and then mosey on over to the Team Registration page to check out our roster and sign up. The DOINK! Chocobo Races are open to everyone!

Remember that if you've made a rec post - or if you make one before the end of July - you can earn your team some bonus points by linking it to us in the comments here. You know you want a head start!
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This year we're happy to announce that we have three teams competing for that coveted Chocobo Racing trophy! Each team will be "led" by one of the mods. Team Ifrit will be headed by [personal profile] justira, Team Shiva will be headed by [personal profile] renay, and Team Ramuh will be headed by [personal profile] seventhe!

We're hoping that having three teams in the running will help make this more exciting and competitive, so play fun, play fair, and make our day. Chocobo Racing Sign-ups are officially open!

Team sign-ups will work a little differently this year, to make it a little easier for the mods to keep track of team rosters. At the bottom of this entry are three comments - one for each team. To officially sign up for the Chocobo Races, reply to the comment for the team you want to join. It's okay if you don't have a Dreamwidth! You can comment using your Livejournal, using an OpenID, or simply use an anonymous comment to leave us your information. It's just a lot easier for the mod team to only have to look in one place to get our current team rosters.

When you comment to sign up, please leave the following info in your comment so that we can recognize your work and give it points!

A couple other notes on Chocobo Racing sign-ups:
  • Feel free to sign up for whatever team you want to be on! They're all open and you don't have to 'know' a mod to join!

  • That being said, please try your best to make sure teams are evenly distributed. We'd hate to have 500 Ifrits and only a couple Shivas and Ramuhs.

  • Signing up doesn't commit you to anything, so if you're on the fence but interested, sign up anyway!

  • You can sign up at any point during the round! Just remember, we won't be able to count your work for points unless your sign-up is dated before your posted work. This is why, if you think there's any chance you'll want to participate later, it's a good idea to sign up now.

We'll be putting up some banners soon to help you spread the word about your teams. For now, get ready – the 2012 Chocobo Races are about to begin…!



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