Aug. 22nd, 2017 09:37 am
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This morning was amusing in its own fashion - my boss (who I carpool with as he has the house next to the one I'm renting until the end of the month) and I usually leave for work at either 6:10 or 6:40 (catching either the early or late train). So typical morning routine is that if I haven't heard from him by 6am then I text him, usually just to ask "6:10? or 6:40?"

So I do that today, and get no response. I shrug and settle in to putter around the house because no response means the boss has overslept and we'll be leaving at 6:40.

....and then it was 6:30. And then 6:40. No boss.

So finally, at 6:45, I walk over to his house. His truck is there, no lights on in the house. So I text him a few more times, then call him, then call his wife, knock on the door, call him again... finally he answers.

"Hey, what's up?"
"Did you oversleep? It's 6:50."
"Yeah, it's okay, it's only 5:50."
"No, it's 6:50."
".....oh shit, it's 6:50!"

*facepalm* So we caught the latest train in to work, which is fine, and I can razz him about this for awhile. XD

On the downside, I took my meds at 5am, then we didn't get to work until 9:30 instead of the usual 8am. Since I usually eat breakfast as soon as I get to work, this pushed back the addition of food to my med cocktail far enough that my stomach was in cramps by the time we got here. Application of toast and eggs seems to have pacified it.

Bliss, by the way, is charging up my old iPad mini, emptying everything off of it except my favorite ebook reader (Marvin), and then downloading all 4700+ books in the CatDragon shared Calibre library. Ecstasy will be when I successfully sort all 4700+ books into sensible categories. (I did just realize Marvin has something called smart categories, which means I can pull up everything that is NOT in a category, and as I sort them into categories they disappear off the list. Woooo!)


Aug. 21st, 2017 04:53 pm
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It was only around 75% totality in my area, but still pretty cool. I'm very glad the sky wasn't obscured by fog, which was sounding entirely possible yesterday morning.

Probably I should have gotten my act together to find a place to see the totality. Maybe in 2024, where the totality is further away but closer to people I might reasonably be able to visit.

Meanwhile, have some tree shadows from the courtyard in front of my office.
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MAN, YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE? WOMEN SUPPORTING OTHER WOMEN. You know what episode seven of Princess Principal gave me? Fucking teenage girl spies supporting other women and helping their lives become better. YES. MORE OF THIS.

Princess Principal Episode Seven )

The Monday Checklist

Aug. 21st, 2017 10:15 am
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Traditional Adulting
Get a home warranty (Choice Home Warranty)
Call about ordering tires for car (Mon)
▹ WED - Call Dad if haven't heard from him already post-op
▹ Measure mattress heights - what size boxspring?
▹ Pull everything that's already packed out of closet
Order more boxes
▹ Remember wasp spray next trip to new house
▹ Pack downstairs books (after getting boxes)

Non-Traditional Adulting
▹ Patreon - troll
▹ Patreon - kittens
▹ Patreon - abyss
▹ Patreon - tweak/revamp tiers (y'all are paying too much for my inconsistent ass)
▹ BLP.com - update front page, remove dropped books & B&N store links

Remember the Backburner
▹ DM.org - still busted
▹ Self - material studies
▹ Self - chapter headers

Don't Forget
★ NEXT MONDAY - Drive Pro, new tires + headlights (7:30am-12pm)
★ NEXT MONDAY - Frontier internet setup at new house (1-5pm)
★ Mythic+ Dungeons - Fri 7:30
★ Tomb of Sargeras Raid - Sat 8:30 (make more flasks!)
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ahahahahahahhaahaha yesssssssss

40-anime meme: Day 40 -- END

Aug. 21st, 2017 08:32 am
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Oh my fucking gawd I have made it. I have made it and I did not miss a single day of this lunacy.


40 -- thoughts on live-action adaptations?

Initial thought: You will take the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy from my cold dead hands.

Further thought: Sure, why not? There's been some screamers, some run-of-the-mill adaptations, and some really good ones; the more live-action effects evolve the less of an issue it is, and all you need is someone who either knows how to be faithful or understands the underlying premise enough to change things up and still do something awesome.

Case in point -- Syd Mead was going to do a take on first!Gundam for Hollywood at one point and while, yes, it bears not a fuck of a lot of resemblance to UC, it sounds fucking amazeballs and Mead clearly Gets It. (And it probably would've been better than the original, because pfffft First Gundam ;p)

See also musicals, which can be lolwhat (the Sailormoon Sera Myus) or clever and fucking awesome new takes (Sailormoon La Reconquista, etc).

Final thought: You will take the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy from my cold dead hands.

*pitters in from main porch ...*

Aug. 21st, 2017 07:29 am
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Welp, here's hoping the BB/BS folks picking up donations this time around don't kill themselves trying to move those boxes. (oops?) It's only two, but they're both of books.

Books from this library *waves arm vaguely* so we aren't talking paperback novels or the like as far as weight goes, and I actually managed to trim out more than I expected. Not that you can tell from just looking around, mind you ;3 but it's the thought that counts, not my overladen bookshelves, I figure.

(for reference for [personal profile] kalloway: one big box-from-Mike's -- so twice the size of the L* one or the one on the other side of the dresser -- along with an Amazon box that made a decent armful but I could still carry)

Now I can do some mild rearranging and get some textbooks on shelves that really need to be there ...

plans and changes of plans

Aug. 20th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Well, work has officially turned Stupid[tm] to the tune of at least several months of 11-hour shifts that are timed pretty much to annihilate my mornings and force me to deal with people (in general and specifically with people I do not like). Midnight-11am shifts all week, whhhyyy.

because the fuckweasel that actually runs the site I work at needs to die, that's why

On the upside, I'll have more days off the week because there are only so many hours?

Meanwhile, [community profile] lionswap has opened signups but I'm taking a day or two or so to get my ducks in a row and decide what I want to be doing before I throw up my own -- a bit because I want to see how things shake out (and how many people seem to aggressively ignore OR-matching, which so far amounts to "too fucking many"), a bit because I refuse to rush and panic, and mainly because I have other things chewing on my brainstem right this moment.

Because truly, a grand and glorious Thing[tm] was hatched after too many months of nothing and we managed a frabjous stunt off in Projects land, oh yes ~

And I have faaaar~ too much lovely Gundam wrinkles to poke at to worry about dealing with LD fans not grokking OR-matching and pitching fits over signups that dare to not want porn (get ready, children, because I'll be adding to that pile ahahahahha) --

40-anime meme: Day 39

Aug. 20th, 2017 09:28 am
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39 -- is there an anime you wish was more popular?

Not really?

I mean, not in the way I suspect the question is meant to be taken at least, where 'popular' = 'more talked about, bigger fandom, etc etc'. There was a time when fossils walked when I would've been all for that for certain series, but now? Nah, I think I'm good, for many different reasons.

I can get the stuff I want, that's good enough for me.
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Someone (I think [twitter.com profile] faintdreams?) asked if I would be doing a comparison of Nine Worlds to Worldcon and... Honestly I don't think it would be fair of me to do that, because Nine Worlds was a really chilled, relaxing thing for me and at Worldcon I was a constant ball of anxiety. I am sorry to everyone who met at Worldcon for not being my best me! You were all absolutely lovely!

(... Yeah, I went with Jay and Lex and a) the accessibility of airports is their rant to have and not mine, but seriously if Jay wants me to swear vengeance and also write a thousand angry letters against our airline I will do that; and b) Lex realised very quickly that the convention was not his idea of fun, which he was fine with but it turned into an anxiety circuit for me, because my brain was doing the fun thing of internalising "Oh, wow, I am a terrible wife, Lex paid like £700 to be here and he's not enjoying it at all," and literally refused to take in the part where he said that it was worth it because he got to support me during the Hugos.

Like, that was Friday, and I did not take in the "Oh, Lex paid the £700 because he loves me and the Hugos are a big deal to me," until Monday.

I still feel a bit "Fuck me I am a terrible friend," but Jay is recovering and apparently had a good time despite everything, and Lex is glad to be back at work, so it all shook out!)

YOU SEE WHY I CAN'T REALLY COMPARE MY NINE WORLDS EXPERIENCE TO THE WORLDCON ONE. I will say that Worldcon is a lot more... Crammed? Than Nine Worlds? Like, Nine Worlds leaves plenty of time between panels for people to, y'know, get to the next panel, have a drink, eat something... Whereas Worldcon is Hot Fuzz levels of "THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING GOING ON!" There is always something happening, and if you want to get between panels in time to actually get let in, you have to leave your first panel fifteen minutes early or run the risk of not getting there before they start turning people away. (Unless of course, you're that douche who ignores the "No standing in the back due to fire safety rules" and lets yourself in anyway.) Also, the panels are maximum forty-five minutes long, maybe twenty-thirty if they want to take questions, which feels LUDICROUSLY short after Nine Worlds. I guess when there's like six thousand people, it makes sense to cram as much in as possible? But it was definitely a massive scale-up. (Plus, I really really miss the pronoun stickers Nine Worlds has. And the no-photography lanyards. And the markers for your badge of whether you want to talk to people. ... I think what I'm saying is that Worldcon has more stuff to do, but Nine Worlds has more set-it-and-forget-it accessibility, I guess?)

(If there were any panels you missed, a few of them are up on youtube!)


Read more... )

It was a good trip, apart from the anxiety and airports being made of stress! I might try it again when it gets to Dublin (I can just GET THE FERRY, she says, more in hope than expectation) to see if it's any different? It was lovely to meet everyone, and finally put like... People to words? And just THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, you were great!
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► I reread Dracula the other day. I couldn’t remember it very well, though it hadn’t been that long since I first read it holy hell, I just did the math and it’s been seven years, so scratch that. Anyways. This time around, there were some things that either hadn’t stood out to me before (or did stand out to me but I just completely forgot about it, which. Is definitely plausible. ._.)
cut for length )

► Earlier this week, I found out that Age of Youth was getting a second season, and got really excited… for about three minutes. Then I came across a comment about how only 3/5 of the main girls was coming back and went to look up the cast list... and yeah.

Eun-jae’s going to be played by a completely different actress, Yi-na— Yi-na! of all characters!— is only going to be a guest character, and my enthusiasm just flew out of the window. The friendships between those five girls was my absolute favorite thing about the show, and without that, I’m pretty much out. Not watching this one.

And then, to add salt to the wound, more frustrations )

The bright side of all this is that it reminded me of how much I love this show, and I spent some nice hours looking through gifsets on tumblr and rolling around in all my Bella Epoque and Ye-eun/Yi-na feelings. Kind of want to rewatch it too, tbh, but I don’t know if I will. And— even though I’m not going to watch the second season, I was pretty satisfied with where the first season ended things. So it’s not all bad, just a little disappointing after that initial excitement. ♥

on a better note

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:28 am
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While my workplace wants to kill me, plans to work hard at that for the next two months-plus, and nearly drove me to commit murder last night (fucking patio parties), on the upside the horrible piped-in music was stone dead for some reason.

So, I took the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of The King Of Fighters Destiny. And lo! they were good episodes -- short, varying 10-15 minutes, but good -- and yessir did I enjoy myself muchly.

I think SNK finally getting off their arses and unifying the fractured separate timelines into KoF instead of handwaving everything away is a damned good idea, and I like how they look to be doing it. We're starting leading into the first KoF tournament with Rugal, and Orochi is clearly on the horizon, but the plot atm is focusing on the Bogard brothers' drive for revenge on Geese (who will also be at said tournament). I love the FF story and I want to see how this is going to work. It's been a while since I saw 'this' Terry, also, and he feels right to me.

Bonus! Art Of Fighting is also getting fit in surprisingly seamlessly -- Yuri's missing but it's because she ran off to prove she's a good fighter and join the tournament. Robert looks weirdly young lol And instead of everyone running off to Mexico to find her, Benimaru's getting his minions on the case apparently -- *lol*

I've seen bitching about the animation style of the show. I think the people bitching are nuts. It's CG and done in a very exaggeratedly expressive style (think Legend of Sanctuary), which KoF basically needs, with enough attention to detail to make things pretty but not so much to look like a bad attempt to do HD.

What I think may be throwing people off is the style of the face models, which is the one singular point (aside from a shot of headstones in a graveyard, lol) where I can most definitely recognize the Chinese influence. The models are reminiscent of on the one hand King Of Fighters Zillion, which was a Hong Kong manhua, and on the other (and more strongly) the scads of fighting/fantasy manhua that have come out over the long years, like Weapons Of The Gods and suchsort. It's hard to describe but if you know the style, you'll recognize it on the spot. I like the effect, but it may not be to everyone's taste.

(also this Kyo has a bonier face, and it actually works really well for him. Terry's sporting a few small tweaks that are also surprisingly nice, including slightly darker hair.)

One series to keep looking forward to, at least. And bring on Iori }3

40-anime meme: Day 38

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:23 am
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38 -- name a popular anime you hate.

Oh, that's easy enough at the moment, because there is little in the entire damn corpus of ~popular~ anime atm that I loathe more than Yuri On Ice, aka "that fucking skating show".

And it's not ~revolutionary or any of the rest of the lunacy the rabid fanbase blats on about, either. If it was, said rabid fanbase wouldn't have the opportunity to try to eat each other so much due to the vagueness of the source material.

Earthian took on the dual horns of homosexual love and contending with a homophobic society, to boot, with no ambiguity what-so-fucking-ever, and did it well, and that over two damn decades ago. Go read that and get back to me.
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Hopefully last of the really LONG prompts! Also possibly the last structured prompts - there's too many of the rest of the list that don't really apply, I'd be better off funneling the energy into actual words for this.

16) Magic )

Nagori Worldbuilding
Terre Prime Worldbuilding

40-anime meme: Day 37

Aug. 18th, 2017 09:57 am
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37 -- name a popular anime you love.

Saint Seiya.

And all its extra parts.

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Between North Korea and Charlottesville and everything else happening, it's hard not to feel like everything is burning down. But until the world actually ends, it's better to proceed as if it will keep on turning, so have some linkspam.

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I'm totally cherry picking the applicable prompts at this point and ignoring the rest. Because yeah - flora and fauna sort of got mostly covered under food, and make no real sense to try to detail when you're talking about one race on spaceships and one race spread over multiple planets with different native whatevers. And I drew a blank at traditions (not as in there aren't any, but as in detailing them felt too static to my brain, so you don't get a write up there.)

11) Language )

14) Food )

15) Technology )

Next up - Magic as seen from these two races in particular and by the Galatics in general (as opposed to the rather messed up Terren take on it), and then I feel like I *might* have enough groundwork laid to start writing.

Also.... I need an icon for this 'verse, dammit. hrm. *goes to browse pics* Icon has! (no, that's not cybertron. or the death star. it's a mandala-esque fractal over a space scene, but the tiny version loses a lot of detail.) Title... not so much. 'Bugs and Bears in Space' is not really going to work, not even as a working title. XD

Nagori Worldbuilding
Terre Prime Worldbuilding

40-anime meme: Day 36

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:57 am
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36 -- in your opinion, what makes a good anime?

See, this is one of those things which is simultaneously completely subjective (thus 'opinion', above) and also still almost completely impossible to answer -- or at least not without words and words of what would ultimately be fairly ridiculous navel-gazing by the nature of the beast. That said, a few thoughts on the matter:

- It needs to be engaging. That might mean relatable, intriguing and/or entertaining characters, preferably all of the above; it might be an interesting story premise, or a new twist on a familiar one; it might be a good hook in the built-in setting. But it needs that thing to reel the audience in.

- Preferably, pacing is a must; not blitzing through everything and not explain jack shit (even if the explanations are hilariously wat), not bogging down in staring at its own navel.

- It needs to not make my eyes bleed to watch it.

... and yet, there are always exceptions ~~


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