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2015 Final Fantasy Kiss Battle

Final Fantasy Kiss Battle 2015

  • All prompts will be organized by fandom, using Master Links. When leaving prompts, please put it under the right canon! If in a compilation canon, please include the important details!

  • To leave a prompt: leave one prompt per comment, with FANDOM: CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP in the subject line and your prompt in the body.

  • To leave a fill: reply to the comment in question. Please use the subject line of your comment to label your work: TITLE (if relevant), FANDOM, CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP, RATING (ANY KINKS, WARNINGS, FLAGS).

  • There should be kissing! All kinds of kisses are welcome: gen, shippy, smutty, chaste, familial, friendly, angry, happy! We’re pretty open to anything you want to call kissing. We are fans of all of it.

  • Fanart, fanfiction, drabbles, doodles, live action movies -- whatever you want to supply, we’d like to have it.

  • Be kind to others regarding character or ship choices and prompts. This should be fun for everyone!

  • Prompt early, prompt often, and leave as many as you want.

  • Prompts can be filled multiple times!

  • To leave a blitzkrieg kiss: If you have something but no one has prompted it yet, blitzkiss away! Just reply to the comment for your fandom, and make sure you use the subject line to label your work.

  • Be sure to check back often -- new kissing action could be showing up everywhere!

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends!


We will be running the Kiss Battle on Dreamwidth only. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Dreamwidth’s comment limit is huge, allowing for longer kissing masterpieces; and 2) Dreamwidth still supports subject lines for comments, which are vital to a meme like the Kiss Battle. However, the Battle is open to everyone. Feel free to participate with your Dreamwidth (account creation is invite-free right now~!), your Livejournal or other OpenID account (see here if you want to set up an OpenID), or anonymously.

Have fun! Get smoochin'!

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FFXII (OGC): Basch/Fran

[personal profile] owlmoose 2015-02-05 02:17 am (UTC)(link)
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FFXII: Basch/Fran, M, Canon Typical Violence

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-05 01:26 pm (UTC)(link)
The plan seems likely enough on paper, or rolling off Balthier's tongue as he suggests different beasts to take on near Balfonheim to afford their needed gear and sundries: catch the wyrm off guard, disable it with whatever spellwork proves effective, and then kill it at their leisure. Simple and safe. Basch has fought — no, they have all fought enough battles by now to know that such fights are the best ones.

Basch gears himself with the heaviest armor they have and a similarly bulky blade, one that reaches from his chest to his knees with inches to spare, with a fine edge and enough weight behind it that he might hope to pierce the wyrm’s hide. When they leave the city together, Fran wears a suit of fine plate and a long, sturdy-looking spear. With her height, she reminds him of his old drill sergeant, looming over him just as he did, though without the bellowing. He tells her so, and she laughs her fine laugh, and the silence that follows for a mile’s walk along the Steppe is companionable.

When they make it to Crossfield, the wyrm is already sleeping. Fran announces, as they stand at a safe distance, that she will secure its dormancy with a sleep casting, and then they can probe at its defenses with other magicks, or at the very least secure first blood while it lies prone. Basch nods to her in response, and they move to crouch within casting distance. The sky is overcast and Basch begins to feel a chill within his bulky armor, even with the layers he wears beneath it.

Fran tells him that the spell was effective, and he knows that as its caster she must know, though natural sleep looks little different from the magickal kind. Then there is little communication for a while, as Fran’s voice takes on the eerie tinge and harshly accented patterns of black magick. Bolts and fusillades of jagged light smash down on the wyrm’s position. The crash and roar of it is deafening. The wyrm begins to move, but confusedly; the beast has trouble finding its footing, and when it does it never manages to turn in the right direction and see them, merely swinging itself left and right in an insufficient, lumbering arc, nearly falling onto its side once. The cacophony continues until Fran’s voice, barely audible in the wake of the noise, takes on a weary quality, and she falls silent midspell, taking a deep breath.

He silently hands her one of their more potently mixed ethers, and she nods to him in appreciation. She quaffs it in one go, and Basch cannot help but watch the movements of her throat as she swallows. Something familiar, and ludicrously unsuited to their current situation, stirs in him.

It begins to rain.

Basch’s response to completely inappropriate attractions of this sort — mostly to comrades former, fallen, or still standing with him, in a list that would make him judge himself a cock-steered and/or easily lovestruck halfwit if he let himself recount it in full — is to find an excuse to hit things with a sword or whatever else happens to be conveniently available. It is convenient, then, that such an excuse is near at hand. Basch suggests that they close in to finish the fight rather than strain Fran’s voice more than necessary, and she readily assents, hefting her spear and giving it a lazy twirl in one hand as she stretches her long legs.

The rest of the battle goes predictably enough. Fran manages to catch the Thundaga-jarred beast unawares with a strike to the back of the neck. Then they are throwing themselves down or away from the sweep of the wyrm’s tail, maneuvering around its reaching maw and the inconvenient presence of the ring around its neck, and trying to find steady footing in the worsening mud churned by the rain, their steps, and most of all the wyrm’s. Basch’s boots become ruined with mud and rain and the shield wyrm’s blood.

Its movements slow further and further yet as it loses ample measures of said blood, and then Fran buries her lance up through the wyrm’s neck and into its brain. It spasms and dies.

For a few exhausted moments, Basch lets himself lean heavily on the corpse’s side, painting his armor in blood that the rain will later wash away. Then he turns to Fran, doing the same nearby, and notices a fresh gash that runs from her forehead down past her jaw and stops just short of her throat. She looks to him, and as he raises a hand to throw a casting of Curaga upon them both, her expression falls from an exhausted sort of pride to a kind of sheer panic that he has never seen on her face before. The words of healing have already escaped his throat when he turns to see what she sees.

The elemental — no, he thinks, the entite — pulses like a heartbeat, swelling and darkening. It is so close to him that it can only have manifested in the wake of the wyrm’s death, or one of them would have noticed it. As it is, there is a moment where his brain and body both scramble to react to what he is seeing, and then he drops his sword and throws himself from the dead beast’s hide in an awkward, stumbling movement. Fran throws an arm around his shoulders and sets them both to running, headlong and desperate and away from the entite.

Amidst the rain and his and Fran’s labored breaths and footsteps, Basch can hear something twist in the air, and then water is crashing into them from all sides. It is like a fist closing around a bug. He barely closes his eyes in time; the pressure is so immense that he worries that his armor will give way. He and Fran both hit the ground and slide amidst the mud — thankfully, they are far enough away from the corpse that there is no blood — failing to get their footing before another casting of Waterga slams into them.

This time it is Basch who sets Fran to moving. The second casting, whatever harm it has done to them, has also saved them, if only for a handful of seconds: the mud has been scoured away from their feet by the explosion of water, and so he is able to find steady footing for long enough to find his feet. He tries to cast something, anything to bolster their health or protect them from the third casting that is no doubt coming, but all he can do is draw ragged breaths in an unsteady rhythm.

Fran throws them both forward at the same time that Basch hears the spell working itself around them, and the blast of water throws them forward at breakneck speed. Some seconds pass before they hit the ground and slide in the mud, rolling over each other and trying to breathe amidst the rain and the sloshing muck.

They come to a stop. For a while they just exist. Then Fran props herself up on her arms in the mud and looks at the ugly furrow they have left in the mud, and says that the entite is gone. Then she slumps back down again. Basch marvels at her, that she is able to speak so soon after what has just happened. Then a kind of magnetic force acts on both of them, and somehow he ends up turned up onto one side while she lurches onto her knees and then leans in one jerking move to put her lips on his. Her tongue is not textured like his and her mouth tastes like mud and something foreign. Her claws dig into his nape and her hands are uncomfortably cold on his cheeks. Basch is too tired to even move his arms. He grows painfully hard in the moments they spend like that, drinking each other and letting the rain wash them as clean as it can, and feels like a dunce.

They return to their kill and retrieve their weapons. Fran calls the Strahl, and Balthier answers that he is on his way. When she turns off the communication device with an audible click, Basch surprises himself by saying out loud what he is thinking: that, motivated by some sort of insane primal urge, he wants her to fuck him against the wyrm’s corpse. Fran surprises him by saying that she would like little else more, but there is hardly time for that, what with the logistics of removing and later replacing their armor, so he will have to be content with their rutting on a Balfonheim inn bed instead. They spend the rest of their wait in comfortable silence.
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Re: FFXII: Basch/Fran, M, Canon Typical Violence

[personal profile] owlmoose 2015-02-06 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Ahh, very nicely done. I love stories that turn game mechanics into realistically-written battles. Thank you!
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Re: FFXII: Basch/Fran, M, Canon Typical Violence

[personal profile] sathari 2015-02-06 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
...not my prompt, but this fic makes me soooo happy. :D :D :D
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Re: FFXII: Basch/Fran, M, Canon Typical Violence

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2015-02-07 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god this was brilliant and hot and unexpected-- you did such a great job with a pairing I never imagined, and OH HELL YES TO THE META. I love how you wrote the entite and the all the trappings of magic into this, and that final paragraph is just so fucking perfect on pretty much every level, wow.

FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

(Anonymous) 2015-02-05 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
kidnapping the emperor (for his own good)
sathari: Ashe and a barechested Basch from FFXII with the caption "it's good to be the queen" (Ashe- good to be the queen)

FILL: FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

[personal profile] sathari 2015-02-06 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
"You know, if I hadn’t known it was the two of you, I’d have cast Scourge before you had a chance to speak the second spell," Larsa says conversationally the moment that Penelo removes the Float from him, before she can cast Esuna to get rid of the Immobilize/Blind that she and her partner have (wholly unnecessarily) added.

Speaking first gives him the advantage, but he has to admit a certain disappointment in not getting to see Vaan’s face at this admission; he’ll have to make do with the older boy’s wordless disappointed cry and Penelo’s rueful chuckle of "Told you!" before she does the Esuna.

As least Larsa is treated to the ever-amusing sight of Vaan scratching his head awkwardly. "Awww," he says.

Penelo puts her arms about Larsa’s shoulders. "Well, this way you at least have a little plausible deniability if anyone asks you about skipping out on those awful ceremonies."

"Or I would as long as no one with the wit to use Libra--- and this is Archadia--- notices you didn’t have me Silenced," Larsa can’t resist retorting, even though he’s putty in Penelo’s hands when she hugs him like this.

"It’s not as if we’d kidnap you without your consent," she scolds. "And I’ll silence you, all right---" she adds, leaning down to kiss him.

He might try to be a better man than his late brother, but he knows he’s not a slyer one: the smirk on his face when they come up for air gives him away, and he knows it, even before she swats him. "You had that in mind, didn’t you?"

"I am a Solidor," he points out ruefully. It’s much on his mind, today of all days.

Today. The celebration of the seventh anniversary of his re-instatement of the Senate, bare months after he’d taken the throne--- which he knows all too well is also in some quarters a celebration of his brother’s death.

Penelo’s softened expression says she knows it, even as she hugs him wordlessly.

Trust Vaan, on the other hand, to put his foot in his mouth up to the femur. "Aw, c’mon, you’re nothing like Vayne!"

Penelo, Larsa is pleased to note, is already sighing in fond exasperation even as he tenses in her embrace. "So not the point, Vaan," she scolds.

Proof that Vaan has at least matured a little in seven years, for all that Larsa often feels himself the elder of them: he has the grace to look shamefaced. "Yeah, well," he says, stepping in close on Larsa’s other side so that he’s bracketed, warm and safe, by the two of them, "least we can do is get you a little break, right?"

Larsa laughs despite himself and tips his face up. "For my own, good, eh?"

"You know it," Vaan says, brightening, even as he bends to claim a kiss in turn.

Re: FILL: FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

(Anonymous) 2015-02-06 06:26 pm (UTC)(link)
aah, this is perfect! I love the dynamic you've put between these three!
sathari: Ashe and a barechested Basch from FFXII with the caption "it's good to be the queen" (Ashe- good to be the queen)

Re: FILL: FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

[personal profile] sathari 2015-03-02 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Aw, thank you! Glad you enjoyed!
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Re: FILL: FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2015-02-25 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
Nice! I love how funny and sweet this is, with a nice side-helping of meta.
sathari: Vayne and Larsa Solidor from FFXII (Solidor brothers)

Re: FILL: FFXII Vaan/Penelo/Larsa

[personal profile] sathari 2015-03-02 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Aw, thanks! And yay for liking the meta! (I am so completely a Vayne stan, it's not funny, and I love the dynamic between the brothers Solidor especially much.)
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Re: FINAL FANTASY XII COMPILATION: Original game, Ashe/Vayne

[personal profile] sathari 2015-02-05 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Perfectly arranged marriage. (Yes, I'm probably going to prompt this every year forever.)
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FFXII: Fran/Ashe

[personal profile] rynling 2015-02-05 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
An attractive and reasonable alternative to war.
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FFXII: Balthier/Basch

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-05 01:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Showing his new friend how to really enjoy a night in Balfonheim. Red light district. Group sex.
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[personal profile] licoriceallsorts 2015-02-06 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
She sees he's grown up.
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FFXII: Larsa/Penelo, PG

[personal profile] owlmoose 2015-02-06 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
"I can't believe it's really been five years." Penelo stood on the edge of the balcony, a thousand stars glittering overhead. She looked back at the party in the imperial ballroom, stuffed with senators and Judges and courtiers and foreign dignitaries, all gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the emperor's coronation. And the emperor himself, standing next to her, not a hair out of place despite a face flushed from dancing. Dancing with her.

"Indeed, my lady," Larsa said. "At times, I forget just how many years have passed."

"And yet here you are." Penelo looked at the boy emperor, really looked for the first time in years. They saw each other, not as often as she would like, but often enough that she hadn't really paid attention. The boy emperor wasn't a boy anymore -- he'd grown taller than her, for one thing, maybe even taller than Vaan. And was that a shadow of beard on his cheekbones, under his chin? Almost she reached out to touch his face, but she caught her hand halfway. Instead, she turned to a passing waiter; she plucked a glass of wine off the tray balanced in his hand and raised it. "A toast," she said. "To the Emperor, to his first five years, and our hopes for fifty more."

Larsa took a glass of his own, returning the toast. "To five years of peace and friendship," he replied, "and the promise of a hundred more." They drank, and then he leaned forward and kissed her, lips sweet with wine and the eagerness of youth. She sighed, and he pulled away, swiftly.

"Apologies for my forwardness," he murmured, lowering his eyes. "I presumed upon your kindness, your friendship. It will not happen again."

Penelo shook her head and rested a hand on his chest. "It had better happen again." This time she kissed him first, and the sweetness was not all from the wine.
sathari: Ashe and a barechested Basch from FFXII with the caption "it's good to be the queen" (Ashe- good to be the queen)

Re: FFXII: Larsa/Penelo, PG

[personal profile] sathari 2015-02-07 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
HELL YES!!! Not my prompt, but I am all about the grownup!Larsa/Penelo. So much my happy place!
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Re: FFXII: Larsa/Penelo, PG

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2015-02-07 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
ohh SO MUCH YES I love this, wow.
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FFXII: Fran/Penelo

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-07 02:21 am (UTC)(link)
inevitableentresol: landscape background from Bravely Default game (Bravely Default Caldisla city)

FF XII: Balthier/OMC

[personal profile] inevitableentresol 2015-02-09 12:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Balthier uses his charm to persuade a male official to release the Strahl from the aerodrome after it's been impounded for non-payment of fees.