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DOINK! 2014 Exit Poll!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

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After every round, we like to hear from our participants - how did we do? Did you have fun, did you enjoy your assignment, did you like your gift? We consider all the feedback we get and work through the off-season on the overarching question: how can we tweak our process next year to make things even more awesome?

We'd appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to tell us how you felt about DOINK! 2014. The poll is completely anonymous and confidential, so please be honest. However, remember also to be kind — we won't listen to feedback paired with anonymous abuse. The poll will be open for three weeks — we'll give you a reminder before we close it. Thanks!

Take the DOINK! 2014 Exit Poll

Thanks so much for an awesome round. We'll see you soon with information on the 2014 round of Chocobo Racing. Until then, check out all the amazing work in our DOINK! 2014 AO3 Collection.
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Question: Are there going to be Chocobo Races this year, and if so, when will they likely start?