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Summon a Beta!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

Rules | FAQ | Schedule

Beta Volunteer ranks have been built and signups are closed. You can check them out at Summon A Beta! Here's how the DOINK! beta system works:

  • Each beta lists the medium(s) they can beta, pertinent fandoms, and a short blurb where they talk about their strengths and weaknesses!

  • We asked each beta to include how many pieces they could handle at any one time — the number of fairies corresponds to this count. If a beta's fairies are all gray, they are booked solid, so try to choose a different one.

  • Each request will come to us. We will then connect you with your beta on our end to keep their information from ending up in the hands of spammers; no contact info is displayed on the website.

The last day to submit requests for a beta is Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 23:00 UTC. After this, if you need editing help, you will have to seek outside assistance. We want to be able to give our betas enough time to handle any sudden influx of work.

We reward our betas who beta a minimum of one fanwork by putting their prompts up during Moogle Fluff so that the community can flood them with fluffy love. All betas who signed up — even those who didn't beta any work this round — have their prompts put on our Chocobo Down list post round, to stay forever and be available for all future rounds of Moogle Fluff, Chocobo Down, and Chocobo Races. \o/

Other things you can do!

You can still sign up to be a pinch hitter! Pinch hit signups never close and we really appreciate all the help. :) If you need an AO3 account, just let us know!

If you've created work for past rounds, before we were on AO3, we would love for you to upload it to our corresponding AO3 collections:


Final Fantasy Exchange 2007 - collection name: ff_exchange2007

Moogle Fluff 2007 - collection name: mooglefluff2007


Final Fantasy Exchange 2009 - collection name: ff_exchange2009

Moogle Fluff 2009 - collection name: mooglefluff2009

We hope everyone is enjoying their prompts. Good luck! :D