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2015 Final Fantasy Kiss Battle

Final Fantasy Kiss Battle 2015

  • All prompts will be organized by fandom, using Master Links. When leaving prompts, please put it under the right canon! If in a compilation canon, please include the important details!

  • To leave a prompt: leave one prompt per comment, with FANDOM: CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP in the subject line and your prompt in the body.

  • To leave a fill: reply to the comment in question. Please use the subject line of your comment to label your work: TITLE (if relevant), FANDOM, CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP, RATING (ANY KINKS, WARNINGS, FLAGS).

  • There should be kissing! All kinds of kisses are welcome: gen, shippy, smutty, chaste, familial, friendly, angry, happy! We’re pretty open to anything you want to call kissing. We are fans of all of it.

  • Fanart, fanfiction, drabbles, doodles, live action movies -- whatever you want to supply, we’d like to have it.

  • Be kind to others regarding character or ship choices and prompts. This should be fun for everyone!

  • Prompt early, prompt often, and leave as many as you want.

  • Prompts can be filled multiple times!

  • To leave a blitzkrieg kiss: If you have something but no one has prompted it yet, blitzkiss away! Just reply to the comment for your fandom, and make sure you use the subject line to label your work.

  • Be sure to check back often -- new kissing action could be showing up everywhere!

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends!


We will be running the Kiss Battle on Dreamwidth only. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Dreamwidth’s comment limit is huge, allowing for longer kissing masterpieces; and 2) Dreamwidth still supports subject lines for comments, which are vital to a meme like the Kiss Battle. However, the Battle is open to everyone. Feel free to participate with your Dreamwidth (account creation is invite-free right now~!), your Livejournal or other OpenID account (see here if you want to set up an OpenID), or anonymously.

Have fun! Get smoochin'!

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FFI: Any Light Warrior(s)/Matoya

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-05 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
Sensory deprivation, magic meta. Broomsticks, if you can think of a way to work them in. (Heh.)
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FFI: Red Mage/Any Light Warrior

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-05 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
Magic kink. They can scald and freeze and heal in the space between breaths.
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FFI: Tending To You (F!Red Mage/F!Black Belt, NSFW, Explicit)

[personal profile] wallwalker 2015-02-06 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
"You were injured today," Adia said.

Juli sighed and looks up at her companion; normally that would have been impossible, as Juli was a giant of a woman and Adia as short and slender as she was dark. But Juli had already sat down; the wound that Adia spoke of was bothering her. "It's not serious," she said, by way of explanation. "Everyone was exhausted, and we were low on supplies. I thought we could deal with it in the morning."

Avia gave her that familiar look, a single raised eyebrow and a slightly twisted smile - the one that usually came along with impossible tasks. "You needn't play the martyr, love," she answered. "I still have the strength to aid you, if it's as superficial as you say."

"I didn't want to trouble you either," she protested lamely. She should've known she couldn't hide her discomfort from her lover, anyway. Adia had the sharpest eyes of anyone she'd ever known.

"I will be untroubled once you are well." Adia sat down on the bed beside her, suddenly tiny again. "Let me see."

Juli lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it away, wincing at the way the motion pulled at the wound over her stomach. It was not so deep as to cause serious trouble, but deep enough to ache.

Adia traced over the wound with her fingers lightly, barely touching the skin. "Yes... I have more than enough magic for this," she said. "Here we go...."

The healing magic was trivial to her now. She did not even chant aloud, merely laid her hands on the wound, and Juli shuddered as the warmth of her magic worked its way into her body. She had always been fascinated by healing magic - by magic at all, in truth. She had never been able to tap into her energies; her strength was in the discipline of the body and mind, in pushing herself to the limit. Adia's power was a mystery to her, and a particularly fascinating one.

The wound knitted before her eyes, leaving only the slightest scar, and the warmth lingered in her body. Juli found herself breathing hard as it spread through her, comfortable and soft, wakening her.

The effect of her magic, or perhaps nearly her touch, was never lost on Adia, and Juli could see a small smile on her face. "That's taken care of," she said softly, brushing her white hair back from her face. "Is there anything else you would ask of me?"

Juli nodded, breathing slowly and carefully to keep herself calm. If there was one thing she had learned, it was control. "Yes," she answered, moving Adia's hands to her breasts, a small softness over solid muscle.

Adia's smile widened as her fingers traced circles around Juli's nipples. "As you wish."

Juli hissed as frost began to form around her breasts, inching closer and closer to her nipples, already brown and sensitive. The sudden chill sends shivers down her spine, but the heat in her body was unquenchable. She held perfectly still as the frost inched closer and closer, her only appreciation in her heavy breaths. The chill stopped just short of covering her nipples completely, leaving them erect and exposed, and when Adia leaned in and took one of them in her warm mouth, Juli allowed herself the slightest moan of pleasure.

Adia's free hand brushed over her back, and she could feel the heat there, like the drops of wax from a burning candle. Juli finally moved, spreading her legs only slightly, giving her lover enough access to slip a hand and rub her gently through the cloth.

It was all just enough to excite her, not enough to push her over the edge, and some nights they would drag this out forever, Adia bringing her to the brink and letting her fall back, only to push her there again. But Juli was impatient; it had been a difficult day, and she had not realized how badly she needed this, needed to lose control at the hands of her love. "Please," she said, looking down at Adia, meeting her eyes when she glanced up. "Please."

Adia pulled back from her breasts and moved up to kiss her lips, and her hand slipped up and under her pants, and Juli held her tightly and surrendered to the feel of it, the heat against her back and the magical ice against her breasts and the softness of Adia's lips.... It ended quickly, but explosively, leaving Juli panting and shaking and finally still, wrung out and exhausted.

Adia looked down at her, and Juli could see her smirk. "Is this truly why you waited so long?"

"Maybe," Juli answered, stroking her back. "What about you?"

Adia shook her head. "Not tonight, love. But I'm glad to see you finally untroubled. Perhaps you should allow me to remove my travelling garments before we sleep, hmm?"

"I suppose," she said, pulling her hands away. "Please, be quick."

Adia caught her hand and kissed it before standing up. "Always."
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Re: FFI: Tending To You (F!Red Mage/F!Black Belt, NSFW, Explicit)

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-06 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah! Yeah!!

This is exactly the sort of thing I was picturing when I prompted this, so thank you so much for writing this so well! Seeing F/F is really nice, and I really liked that the Red Mage's lover was a Black Belt, since:

She had never been able to tap into her energies; her strength was in the discipline of the body and mind, in pushing herself to the limit.

was a really cool bit of meta; a BB/Monk would see and think about magic differently than, say, a Thief or a Fighter/Warrior.

I also liked that once things went into temperature play (eee!), the heat sensation was likened to drops of wax.

This is overall just a nice blend of sweet and sexy.

(One note: There are breaks in the past tense at "Juli sighed and looks up at her companion" and "The sudden chill sends shivers down her spine." Just wanted to point those out, in case you ever decide to archive this elsewhere! You should; it's so good.)
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Re: FFI: Tending To You (F!Red Mage/F!Black Belt, NSFW, Explicit)

[personal profile] wallwalker 2015-02-06 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! BB was the first character class to pop into my head for this; I figured that someone who wouldn't be able to use magic but has their own sort of spiritual regimen would be the most interested in it. XD

Also, whoops! Thank you for catching those breaks - I tend to slip into present tense more often than not while writing things like this, and I don't know why. XD I'll fix them when I repost.
Edited 2015-02-06 23:02 (UTC)
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Re: FFI: Tending To You (F!Red Mage/F!Black Belt, NSFW, Explicit)

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2015-02-07 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yessss this is great. Love what you did with the meta & magic kink, and more F/F is always appreciated :D
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Re: FFI: Tending To You (F!Red Mage/F!Black Belt, NSFW, Explicit)

[personal profile] samuraiter 2015-02-09 12:35 pm (UTC)(link)
:-D F!Red Mage is a twist I always enjoy seeing, and, like the others commenting above, more F / F is always welcome. Thank you.
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FFI: Any Female Light Warrior/Princess Sarah

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-06 10:58 am (UTC)(link)
Throughout the game, one of the light warriors carries out a forbidden relationship with Princess Sarah. Hijinks ensue as her three companions work to keep their trysts a secret from the king and the rest of the castle.
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FFI: Subrosa (F!Warrior/Princess Sarah, PG)

[personal profile] ukefied 2015-02-09 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)
i. Gaul's Rescue

"You may not pass."

The princess was perplexed, to say the least. "But, my sister--"

"I am very sorry," Gaul said gravely. Though his voice invoked apology and embarrassment, not a hair on his head wavered from the lotus pose. "My chi is in perfect balance right now; to move would disrupt the harmony between me and my ORB."

The princess twisted her soft features up into a befuddled frown. "But you're sitting in front of Sarah's door."

There was a muted thump from inside Princess Sarah's chambers. Gaul cleared his throat loudly to cover it up. "Yes, well." He paused. "Well."

And then he closed his eyes and fell silent, hoping Sarah's sister would simply go away.

ii. Ulren's Rescue


The handmaiden jerked back from the door as if she'd been burnt. In retrospect, Ulren probably shouldn't have shouted as though the door were on fire. "Wh-what's wrong?"

By the time Ulren reached the door, he was out of breath and his white robes were askew. He tried to put himself back together and brainstorm an excuse at the same time. "Her Highness is, is very ill!"

The handmaiden's face went ashen. "ORBs' Light, no. I didn't know--is she all right? Is it serious?"

Realizing what a hole he'd made for himself, Ulren started digging up. "No one knows. It's very, ah, personal, you understand. It concerns delicate parts of her. Very delicate."

The handmaiden cocked her head, confused. "Then why aren't you in there helping her?"

His cheeks felt inflamed. Ulren swallowed hard, hoping he wasn't blushing. "I've already cast a spell," he dithered. "I'm simply waiting for it to take effect."

Now she appeared even more confused. "So shouldn't you be in there watching her?"

Ulren resisted the urge to knock her out with his hammer. "Are you the authority on white magic here, or am I?"

iii. Clef's Rescue

Almya, clad in nothing but her natural talent, was standing at the window and shaking her head in dismay when Sarah joined her. The princess had put on a silk shift, cool against Almya's fingers when she wrapped an arm about Sarah's waist. They were staring at the faming bales of hay in the courtyard.

"I think he overdid it," Sarah said.

"... Well, it bought us a few more minutes, at least," Almya replied with a grin, and then she enticed Sarah into one more kiss.
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Re: FFI: Subrosa (F!Warrior/Princess Sarah, PG)

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-09 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, this is hilarious. I think the monk's section is my favorite; there's just something inherently laugh-worthy about a monk camping out in front of Sarah's door, communing with his crystal/ORB to cover up for his friend's sexcapades.
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Re: FFI: Subrosa (F!Warrior/Princess Sarah, PG)

[personal profile] ukefied 2015-02-12 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! :)
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Re: FFI: Subrosa (F!Warrior/Princess Sarah, PG)

[personal profile] samuraiter 2015-02-11 11:41 am (UTC)(link)

I am amused. Got to love the Warriors of Light being bros for one of their own.
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Re: FFI: Subrosa (F!Warrior/Princess Sarah, PG)

[personal profile] ukefied 2015-02-12 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks so much! :)
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FFI: F!Warrior/F!Thief

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-07 03:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Philosophical differences.
Edited 2015-02-07 15:19 (UTC)
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FFI: Any Light Warrior/Kraken

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2015-02-07 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Not long after the Light Warriors have slain their third fiend, one of them can't help but induldge in some thoroughly improper daydreams. Tentacles are involved.
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FFI: Any 2 Light Warrior(s)

[personal profile] samuraiter 2015-02-11 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
Why are there only four Warriors of Light in the party, and not the full six? Is it because there are only four Crystals? ... No, it's because two of them eloped and ran off.