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September Chocobo Races: Free-For-All!

DOINK! Chocobo Races 2014
September Theme: Free-For-All!

Welcome to the 2014 Chocobo Races! Last year in the battle of the Espers/Eidolons/Aeons/GFs/Summons… we could go on… Team Shiva iced the competition! With a clean slate and only two teams fighting for the championship title this year, it’s truly anyone’s game! Will Team Cactuar blind us all with 1000 Fics? Will Team Tonberry step out of the shadows wielding a fine-tipped paintbrush? Only time (and your own enthusiasm!) will tell!

Let the races begin!

Administrative Bits
  • If you haven't yet chosen your team, make sure you sign up here if you want your work to count for points!
  • Confused? Need a refresher on the rules? Wondering how to post? Get more information about the Chocobo Races here.
  • You can browse the Chocobo Down list at any time!

How will the scoring go?
  • Any work posted this month will receive 10 points. Please be sure to follow our minimum quality guidelines outlined in the introduction to Chocobo Races - fics should be at least 500 words, and please use your best judgement for art and other types of media by putting in as much effort as you would for a ~500 word fic, if that makes sense :)
  • Don’t forget we also now award bonus points for works that go above and beyond the call of duty!
    • +5 points for every 5000 words of a single fic
    • +5 points for extensive coloring or shading in a picture
    • +5 points for complexity within a single picture; i.e. backgrounds or multiple characters
    • +5 points for multi-paneled comics
  • Remember that you have to be signed up for a team before you post your work in order to get points!

What prompts are eligible for this month?

Some reminders for this round:
  • Please include the prompt you are filling somewhere when you post your work!

If you have a great idea that you’d love to see filled, that isn’t covered by anything already in the Chocobo Down Database, you are welcome to post your prompts in the comments of this post! Team players will earn points on any works they create to fill these new prompts, too.

To leave a prompt:
  • Please put the canon and character(s) in the subject of the comment. FFVI: Edgar & Sabin, or FFVII (OGC): Cid, or FFVIII: Rinoa/Quistis are examples.
  • Leave the details of your prompt in the comment. "Anything goes" usually isn't as helpful as you'd think — even if it's true! — so please try to add some optional details or ideas for people who might want a pointer. Since this is Free-For-All month, it's a chance to get adventurous, so let your imaginations fly!
  • You can leave as many prompts as you wish, although we would ask you to stick to 5 prompts to keep things manageable. If you do also fill a prompt or two this month, however, we invite you to come back and leave even more prompts of your own!

Ready, Set, Go! The September Chocobo Races are open!
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FFXII: Penelo

[personal profile] ladytiresias 2014-09-02 07:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Penelo's enthusiasm for dancing persists even as far as Tactics A2, where she's refined it into a style of combat unique to her. How long was she dancing her way through combat? I'd like to see something within the span of FFXII, with Penelo casting spells or whirling blades even in the middle of frenetic, dangerous combat.