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No-Penalty Default Date Approaches!

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

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As the 2014 round of DOINK! rolls along, we hope everyone's having a great time! We know sometimes things happen though, and for that, we have our No-Penalty Default Date. If you default before this date, you're in the clear — just remember to thank your gifter, as you'll still be receiving a gift!

Remember, the defaulting process is super easy. Just e-mail us, or go to the default page on our site and follow the directions. We'll receive your request, and will confirm your default with you through e-mail. It's not official until we confirm it, so make sure you get that confirmation e-mail from us, otherwise you may be marked as defaulting with no notice. You will not need to reply or additionally communicate with us if you are not comfortable doing so.

If you receive no reply within 24 hours, feel free to go use the default page again. It's important that you receive confirmation of your default from us.

The no-penalty default date for this round is Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 23:00 UTC If you default after this date, you'll owe a Chocobo Down penalty. So if you just don't think gifting is working out this year, please don't hesitate to use it — plus, defaulting early gives the pinch hitters more time to work.

Check the schedule for other important dates. You still have a few weeks left to complete your gift!

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