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Pinch Hitting for DOINK! 2014

A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

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As much as we may wish for a completely smooth and hassle-free exchange for all, sometimes life just happens! And for just such occasions, there's another really important way to help make the exchange a success: pinch hitting!

Pinch Hitting for DOINK! 2014

To get ready to pinch hit, simply join the DOINK! pinch hitters mailing list. The subscriber list is protected and you can leave/join as you wish.

You don't need to be a DOINK! participant — regular or beta volunteer — to be a pinch hitter, but you do need an AO3 account (just send us an e-mail and ask for an invite, or join the queue).

Mods will send pinch-hit requests to the list, and anyone is free to claim them on a first-come, first served basis — just reply to claim! Confirmation will be sent to the volunteer who was the quickest draw, and an alert will be sent to the list itself letting everyone know the hit has been claimed. Pinch hits often go fast, so be on your toes!

Accepting a pinch hit is a commitment: it means you agree to our basic guideline policy for fanwork, which you can find on our Walkthrough. You will also be assigned an upload deadline specific to you.

Pinch hits can come through at any point in the exchange — but we expect to see the most traffic around April 30 (the No-Penalty Default Deadline) and May 19 (the official Uploading Deadline). In the case of the latter, especially, our need is great. If you really want to pinch hit, those are good times to be by your Inbox!

We absolutely appreciate all the awesome folks who help us out with pinch hitting, especially at the end of the round when time is tight. Thanks to everyone already signed up and to any future volunteers! ♥

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