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2014 Final Fantasy Kiss Battle

Final Fantasy Kissing Battle 2014

  • All prompts will be organized by fandom, using Master Links. When leaving prompts, please put it under the right canon! If in a compilation canon, please include the important details!

  • To leave a prompt: leave one prompt per comment, with FANDOM: CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP in the subject line and your prompt in the body.

  • To leave a fill: reply to the comment in question. Please use the subject line of your comment to label your work: TITLE (if relevant), FANDOM, CHARACTERS/RELATIONSHIP, RATING (ANY KINKS, WARNINGS, FLAGS).

  • There should be kissing! All kinds of kisses are welcome: gen, shippy, smutty, chaste, familial, friendly, angry, happy! We’re pretty open to anything you want to call kissing. We are fans of all of it.

  • Fanart, fanfiction, drabbles, doodles, live action movies -- whatever you want to supply, we’d like to have it.

  • Be kind to others regarding character or ship choices and prompts. This should be fun for everyone!

  • Prompt early, prompt often, and leave as many as you want.

  • Prompts can be filled multiple times!

  • To leave a blitzkrieg kiss: If you have something but no one has prompted it yet, blitzkiss away! Just reply to the comment for your fandom, and make sure you use the subject line to label your work.

  • Be sure to check back often -- new kissing action could be showing up everywhere!

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends!


We will be running the Kissing Battle on Dreamwidth only. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Dreamwidth’s comment limit is huge, allowing for longer kissing masterpieces; and 2) Dreamwidth still supports subject lines for comments, which are vital to a meme like the Kiss Battle. However, the Battle is open to everyone. Feel free to participate with your Dreamwidth (account creation is invite-free right now~!), your Livejournal or other OpenID account (see here if you want to set up an OpenID), or anonymously.

Have fun! Get smoochin'!

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FFIV OGC: Edge/Edward

[personal profile] fireeye 2014-02-03 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
On the predominance of the name Edward.
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[personal profile] fireeye 2014-02-03 09:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Bon Voyage!
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FFIV: Edward/Golbez

[personal profile] jack_of_none 2014-02-04 09:10 am (UTC)(link)
AU where Damcyan is conquered instead of leveled.
lassarina: (Damned in full)

Sacrifice, FF4, Edward/Golbez [PG-13 for implied coerced consent]

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Edward had never thought about what it would mean to sit this throne.

It is strange to think of himself as the king, not the prince waiting to take center stage. The crown he wears is heavier than the circlet; not just physically, but the weight of his people's expectations and his new position press into his head until he wonders the metal does not leave him bleeding despite its rounded edges.

Yet the throne is his now; his father died in the last battle against Baron, and it is Edward's place now to make peace, to protect his people from the worst of Baron's ravages. Those he will take upon himself, for his father taught him that his power must be a shield for those who have it not.

So when Golbez comes before him, Edward kisses the icy metal of his blackened gauntlet, and swears fealty in a voice strong and true as any song he ever sang in a tavern. And later, when Golbez comes to claim a different sort of reward, Edward holds in his mind the reasons he does this. It is not that Golbez is unkind, or unskilled, and Edward gives his kisses willingly enough.

It is a small sacrifice.
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Re: Sacrifice, FF4, Edward/Golbez [PG-13 for implied coerced consent]

[personal profile] flonnebonne 2014-02-26 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Whut, no one has commented on this? Love the thought of this AU, and it's kind of the perfect role for Edward.
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FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge

[personal profile] seventhe 2014-02-04 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
fighting fire with fire
sathari: (Kain- dragoons do it from above)

"Backfire": FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge, PG-13 for consent-related issues

[personal profile] sathari 2014-02-07 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
A good black mage knows, sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire.

So Rydia holds her nose (metaphorically speaking, anyway; doing it literally would give the game away) and turns the tables on Edge. Flirting outrageously with him, trying to catch him in the bath, all the tricks he's tried on her.

It doesn't take much to turn him from pursuer to pursued, and paradoxically she finds she likes him in full flight. Likes the vulnerability, even insecurity, he's showing now, much better than the towering ego he'd put on like peacock feathers to impress her.

Rosa is in on it, and the other two men find it hilarious--- Kain in particular is not shy about giving Edge the rough side of his tongue. (Well. Kain and his issues about unrequited affections and insecurity are legion, and Rydia counts herself well out of that. Rosa's a white mage, with a grasp of mind magic; let her handle him.)

Then one afternoon, she leans over exaggeratedly toward Edge, puckering up, and he recoils; she sees real fear in his eyes, and suddenly the game isn't fun any more.

She stops and pulls back. He blinks, startled. "Er---"

"If you really don't want me to," she shrugs, "then I won't." She looks at him directly, in the way that she knows unsettles all of them, a relic of her time in the Feymarch in some way she can't understand. "I just wanted you to know what it felt like, being chased."

"Um. Yeah. Consider the lesson learned." Edge rubs the back of his neck ruefully.

Rydia looks at him thoughtfully. "You know, you're a lot nicer when you're vulnerable--- not strutting around and preening. It's something you might try with the next one."

"The next one--- oh." He blushes, looks away. "I... don't think there's going to be a next one," he says, more to himself than to her.

She looks at him in surprise. "You mean you were serious?"

"Well, yeah." A beat. "I've never met a girl like you."

All right, so it could be another gambit. But it's a good one--- it shows he listened: showed himself vulnerable to her. That, at least, ought to be rewarded.

This time, when she leans in, he doesn't pull away.

stealth_noodle: Rydia from Final Fantasy 4, peering upward. (rydia)

Re: "Backfire": FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge, PG-13 for consent-related issues

[personal profile] stealth_noodle 2014-02-10 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
This is a really neat spin on their dynamic! I love the reference to Rydia's lingering Feymarch-strangeness, too.
lassarina: (Rydia)

Re: "Backfire": FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge, PG-13 for consent-related issues

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
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Re: "Backfire": FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge, PG-13 for consent-related issues

[personal profile] seventhe 2014-02-24 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
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Re: "Backfire": FFIV [any]: Rydia/Edge, PG-13 for consent-related issues

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2014-02-28 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
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FFIV: Kain/Rosa

[personal profile] vrazdova 2014-02-04 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it.
sathari: (Kain/Rosa kiss)

"Never Meant To Let It Die": FFIV, post-TAY, Kain/Rosa, G

[personal profile] sathari 2014-02-06 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
In the days after he comes back to them, after twenty long years' absence, Rosa watches Kain.

Watches--- as the countless little attentions that he had always shown her in their youth, that she had always taken so much for granted (because he had never said whispers a bitter voice in the corner of her mind, which she dismisses) gradually fade into mere courtly courtesy. When the lingering touch of his lips on her hand cools to a courtier's proper tribute, and nothing more. (She remembers deliciously stolen kisses in corridors in their youth, when Cecil had been the more proper of the two, and held himself back after he donned the dark armor in particular; when Kain had been the one of them to oblige her.)

He has accepted what he wants and cannot have; and in accepting, finally let go.

Except that he could have had it; could have had it all along, if he had only asked.

And if she had never known it, never known the longing of his that lay beneath the friendship, she never would have missed it when it died.

That is the least of the crimes to lay at Zemus' feet--- but sometimes, in the dark before sunrise, it is the thing for which she blames their erstwhile enemy the most.
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Re: "Never Meant To Let It Die": FFIV, post-TAY, Kain/Rosa, G

[personal profile] vrazdova 2014-02-06 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
I love that this is from Rosa's POV! I'm a fan of there having been at last some sort of romantic or sexual connection between them and Kain's infatuation not having been completely and always one-sided. Ahh, and the thought of Kain & Rosa having shared some youthful tryst while Cecil was distracted by his duty as a Dark Knight is delicious X)

And all wrapped up in a heartbreaking little fic! I love it; thank you for filling my prompt!
deadcellredux: (Lipstick)

Re: "Never Meant To Let It Die": FFIV, post-TAY, Kain/Rosa, G

[personal profile] deadcellredux 2014-02-06 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
I haven't played TAY--only the OG-- but holy shit do I love this. This is beautifully written; dark and wistful and tragic. I've always had a huge soft spot for Rosa/Kain, and it's because of all the reasons you've beautifully fit into the subtext (and the gloriously overt!) here.
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FFIV OGC: Barbariccia/Cagnazzo

[personal profile] stealth_noodle 2014-02-08 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
The wildest of us.
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FFIV TAY: Rosa[&/]Porom

[personal profile] stealth_noodle 2014-02-08 03:36 am (UTC)(link)
lassarina: (Kain: Death from Above)

FFIV OGC: Barbariccia/Kain

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
sharp and biting
lassarina: (Rydia)

FFIV OGC: Rosa/Rydia

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
lassarina: (Kain: Death from Above)

FFIV OGC: Kain/Rydia

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
the past is not simple to lay aside
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FFIV OGC: Kain/Rosa

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-15 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
He had not dreamed ere now of having her so bound.
sathari: (Kain/Rosa kiss)

"Bound":FFIV OGC: Kain/Rosa, PG-13 for dubcon and bondage

[personal profile] sathari 2014-02-18 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
He had not dreamed ere now of having her so bound; and, having her bound, he realizes that this is not what he had truly dreamed.

Not in several senses; certainly, he had never dreamed of seeing her with her face pale and sad and tearstained, her beautiful blue eyes looking up at him sadly.

He cannot bear the misery in her expression, and though he knows it is folly, knows he only courts a more dreadful rejection, he cannot bear bending to kiss the tears away, to brush the salt tracks with his lips and stroke away the evidence of her misery---

And, beyond his dreams, she does not turn her head from him, nor curse his name; instead she sighs sadly, sadly--- and leans into the touch. "Kain," she murmurs sadly, and, "You are as much a prisoner as I, aren't you," almost meditatively.

He wants to bridle at it, but then he thinks she is not wrong, for all that it is not Golbez alone to whom he is bound.

No; it is his love and longing for Rosa that holds him here, far more than Golbez's compulsions; and--- having her so bound--- he can at last admit to himself, shameful and unmanly though it is, what he had truly dreamed.

It is not to have Rosa bound; no---

It is to be bound to her, himself, and in being bound by her to know that she desires him.

But that, of course, is too much ever to hope for, and so he will content himself with this, and take what he can have.
lassarina: (KainxRosa: Hello Darkness)

Re: "Bound":FFIV OGC: Kain/Rosa, PG-13 for dubcon and bondage

[personal profile] lassarina 2014-02-25 12:54 am (UTC)(link)

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to reading and commenting on this but this is amazing and perfect and exactly what I wanted. THANK YOU.

FFIV: Rosa/Epopts

(Anonymous) 2014-02-25 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
Their terms were generous: for their trade with Baron, she would serve the Epopts' will and and teachings.