Feb. 1st, 2015

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The round for December/January has closed! The action on the track has slowed down a bit over the past two months, but we hope you’re just saving your energy (and gysahl greens) for the final lap! Let’s check in with the teams.

In first place:

Team Cactuar, with 360 points total (50 points this round)

In second place:

Team Tonberry, with 55 points total (0 points this round)

Browse this round's works! )

It’s now February, and you know what that means -- the KISS BATTLE will be opening in a few days! Stay tuned for more information later this week!
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That's right! It's February, and it's time for the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle. As in previous rounds, we'll be using Kiss Battle fills as February's way to earn extra points.

Administrative Bits
  • Anyone is welcome to participate in the FF Kiss Battle - you don’t have to be a DOINK participant, nor do you have to be a Chocobo Racer. However! If you would like your fills to earn kissy points, and you haven't already chosen a team, you can sign up here! It's still anyone's game, and it's not too late to join in.
  • Confused? Need a refresher on the rules? Wondering how to post? Get more information about the Chocobo Races here.
  • You can browse the Chocobo Down list at any time!

If you’re a Chocobo Racer: we will be giving points for fills, but not prompts. Each fill will be worth 5 points for your team.

We will be running the Kiss Battle on Dreamwidth only. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Dreamwidth’s comment limit is huge, allowing for longer kissing masterpieces; and 2) Dreamwidth still supports subject lines for comments, which are vital to a meme like the Kiss Battle. However, the Battle is open to everyone. Feel free to participate in whatever way you'd like - although in order to earn points for your team, you need to be logged in.

The Kiss Battle Master Post will be up in just a few days! IT'S THE FINAL DUNGEON. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR GAME.


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