Apr. 14th, 2014

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A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

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Success! All participants have matches set — we've made our list and checked it twice. Now that we've done our best to make sure of the matches, everyone should have their assignments on or by Wednesday, April 16! Meanwhile, we have a few reminders and requests.

The deadline for DOINK! 2014 is Monday, May 19, 2013 at 23:00 UTC. You should click that link to find out what time that is where you live. Pay close attention! That's your goal post.

We hope everyone gets their assignment with no problems, but Google has been a grumpy T-Rexaur in the past. To help make sure your assignment arrives safely in your inbox and doesn't get caught in spam filters, consider adding ff.exchange@gmail.com to your contacts or address book. We will make a post confirming when assignments have all gone out. If you haven't received your assignment 6 hours after that post goes up, contact us immediately at ff.exchange@gmail.com.

Things to remember:

  • Regular assignments must meet DOINK! quality guidelines.

  • We try our hardest to provide multiple prompts for everyone, but we only guarantee one match (so overall your assignment may have some prompts that don't match you).

  • If you have problems, please contact us sooner rather than later!

Once your receive your assignment, keep it secret and safe! (Of course, your beta is the exception.) Don't accidentally give yourself or your chosen prompt away by friending your recipient or asking them anonymous questions. If you need clarification on their prompts or have other questions, send us an email and we will ask for you, preserving your anonymity! Use the Modly Mognet, folks — we're always happy to facilitate a little intermoogle communication!

We've extended Beta Volunteer sign-ups slightly, and they will now close Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 23:00 UTC, so if you were waiting on an invite or otherwise hadn't gotten to it yet, now's your last chance! As soon as the form is closed the beta troops will be ready and willing to polish and shine up your creations. \o/

Please remember that when signing up as a beta volunteer, you don't have to ask for prompts. You can click the button that says, "I don't want anything, thanks!" and the form will not require you to provide them. Choose this option if you want to help out but don't really want a gift in return, already have plenty of prompts from your regular sign-ups (which have to be different from your beta sign-up prompts), or for any other reason — it's up to you!

And, of course, if you'd like to join us in DOINK! chat, you're definitely free to come and chat about assignments — be careful not to spoil any surprises, but if you wanna get a little boost as creation time begins, feel free to drop by!

Good luck to everyone and have fun!


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