Mar. 30th, 2014

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A Multimedia Gift Exchange for All Final Fantasy Fandoms

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It's half over! This year's schedule and signup info are right over here, and this year's exchange signups will be closed Friday, April 4, 2014 at 23:00 UTC.

Click that to see the time in your area, so that you don't miss it. If you're still wondering whether or not to sign up, just take a look at some awesome fanwork from previous years in the DOINK! 2013 collection, the DOINK! 2012 collection, the Chocobo Down 2011 collection, and the Moogle Fluff 2012 collection, as well as our DeviantArt group. Final Fantasy fans are awesome!

If you're stuck staring at that prompt box and want some ideas or a little help, we have a handy guide to Writing Good Prompts we invite you to use!

Whether or not you've signed up to participate in the exchange, here are some other things you can still do to spread DOINK! love:

If you have any questions or need to get an AO3 account, please email the mods and we can help make it all happen. Otherwise, we hope to see your amazing prompts in our inbox soon! Happy sign-ups, everyone!


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