Mar. 26th, 2014

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Sign-ups are Open!

As always, you can sign up as a participant, a beta, or both!

Regular sign-ups will be open until Friday, April 4, 2014, 23:00 UTC.

Beta Sign-ups will be open until Sunday, April 13, 2014, 23:00 UTC.

Here's the full DOINK! 2014 schedule — check that you have the time for creation and uploading before signing up!

Signups and Schedule

DOINK! 2014 Schedule )

Important Sign-up Notes

  • All forms ask for a passcode as part of your sign-up information. This can be any short code or phrase and acts like a password, allowing you to go back and make edits — and letting us make sure it really is you! Please be sure to use something easy to remember and keep in mind moderators can see your passcodes.

  • Please do not use your back button to navigate the forms or make edits. Each form has a confirmation screen at the end with an option to return to a previous point to make changes; please use this instead of the back/forward browser buttons. Take advantage of the confirmation page — it's the best place to catch problems.

  • You will be sent a confirmation email for all sign-ups — remember that this email provides you with directions for fixing mistakes or making changes!

Guidelines for Signing Up as a Regular Participant

For anyone who has not participated before, or anyone who needs a refresher, there are directions and help text throughout the form, and you're always welcome to ask questions!

Our most consistent feedback in exit polls is scrawny prompts, so don't be afraid to give your gifter some guidance, scenarios, and themes. Just don't box them in with too many specifics. :) Check out our guide, Writing Good Prompts.

Guidelines for Signing Up as a Beta Volunteer

How betas work - a crash course! )


We're definitely looking to get the word out about the exchange and we would love if you could help us. This year we've tried to make it a little easier for you to tell your friends so you can convince them to create with us, because you know whatever they make will be awesome. We've whipped up some banners for you to use if you would like a quick and easy way to help us get the word out. More awesome people = more awesome fanwork = more awesome time!

These banners are themed around our triumphant 2013 Chocobo Races winners, Team Shiva!

DOINK! banners )

Now Let's Go!

Regular Participant Signup

Beta Volunteer Signup

Feel free to join us in the DOINK! chat room!

Go forth! Create some awesome prompts for us to drool over in our moderator box seats.


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