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DOINK! 2014 - Signup Form Preview, Supported Fandoms, and Proxy Instructions!

It's quite close to signups, so we want to make sure that those who will not be around during signups (or need a proxy for any other reason) still have a chance to register for DOINK! 2014, and that everyone else knows what to expect! Signing up this year should be exactly like last year, except for offering more canons than ever!

Arranging a Proxy

While we hope that registering should only take a few minutes of internet time — especially if you've thought out your prompts in advance! — in cases where you're pretty sure you can't make it during the signup period, we recommend using a proxy. A proxy will complete your signup for you and check its correctness. Please note that if you choose to use a proxy arrangement, you and your proxy are responsible for your signup; the mods cannot change your information once signups close.

We'll try to make the proxy process as painless and easy as possible, though! Here are the steps to arranging a proxy:
  1. Prepare answers to each signup question; use the signup form preview below. Communicate these to your proxy.

  2. Leave a comment on this post (comments are screened) with your AO3 name and the passcode you plan to use. This will alert the mods to expect a proxy and will help us ensure there is no abuse of the system.

  3. Your proxy will fill in the signup form during the signup period. The form will generate an automatic confirmation email — make sure your own email address is used in the signup, not your proxy's, as this is the address we will use to send your prompts and other communication. These confirmation emails are also used by participants to double-check their signup, so if your proxy is worried about not being able to check their work, rest assured — there is a confirmation screen right before submission where all the answers can be reviewed. We recommend that your proxy save the text on this screen, just in case they find something wrong later; this will make it easier for them to go back and make changes.

  4. If you find an unsolicited confirmation email in your inbox, you will have 24 hours after signups close to appeal your inclusion in the exchange. The mods will only take appeals for extracting a signup from the exchange entirely; we will not be able to edit errors — ensuring correctness is up to you and your proxy.

If you have any questions about the process, please let us know!

Signup Form Preview and Supported Fandoms

While we'll go over some of the essentials of signups again in the post opening signups week, we're previewing the process now so that you have time to arrange proxies — or just get your answers ready ahead of time!

Like last year, we have a field for DOINK's relationship with your work on our tumblr — check out that post for details! There's been one more change to the tumblr policy, covered under "Reblogging Tumblr Content" in this post.

Supported Fandoms

This is the full list of supported fandoms. Remember, DOINK! only supports canons which are in wide circulation before signups open, so that people have enough time to familiarize themselves with it. We look forward to supporting even more canons with each round!

Please note that, throughout the form, you can only mark individual canons, not entire compilations — each markable canon has a "»" beside it. If you're using a proxy, please make sure that your proxy knows exactly which canon(s) to choose.

  »  Final Fantasy I

  »  Final Fantasy II

  »  Final Fantasy III

      Final Fantasy IV (Series)
         »  Final Fantasy IV
         »  Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

      Final Fantasy V (Series)
         »  Final Fantasy V
         »  Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

  »  Final Fantasy VI

      Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
         »  Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
         »  Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
         »  Last Order: Final Fantasy VII
         »  Final Fantasy VII
         »  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
         »  Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

  »  Final Fantasy VIII

  »  Final Fantasy IX

      Final Fantasy X & X-2
         »  Final Fantasy X
         »  Final Fantasy X-2

  »  Final Fantasy XI

      Ivalice Alliance
         »  Final Fantasy XII
         »  Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
         »  Vagrant Story
         »  Final Fantasy Tactics
         »  Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
         »  Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

      Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy
         »  Final Fantasy XIII
         »  Final Fantasy XIII-2
         »  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  »  Final Fantasy XIV

      Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Series)
         »  Dissidia: Final Fantasy
         »  Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
         »  Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

      Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
         »  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
         »  FFCC: Ring of Fates
         »  FFCC: My Life as King
         »  FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord
         »  FFCC: Echoes of Time
         »  FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

  »  Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  »  Final Fantasy Unlimited
  »  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  »  Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
  »  Final Fantasy Dimensions

Signup Form Preview!

We have some screenshots of the form, so you know exactly what it will look like. All the form fields are reproduced as text below as well.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Page 1: Requests and Contact InfoPage 2: Giving!

Page 1: Requests and Contact Info

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Contact Info
Username on AO3*  ___________________
Email Address*        ___________________
Passcode*               ___________________
Site/Journal URL       ___________________
tumblr URL               ___________________

tumblr Permission    [ ----- SELECT ONE ----- ]
                                [ - Please post my exchange work on the DOINK! tumblr                ]
                                [ - Please reblog my 2014 DOINK! work from my tumbr                   ]
                                [ - Please don't do anything with my work on your tumblr account ]

What media would you like to receive?*
  [  ]  Fic
  [  ]  Art
       Other media and preferences: _____________________________
       (Feel free to let us know if you prefer fic over art or vice versa!)

Requests (x4)
There are four of these, each having the following fields:

       Fandom*: [Select from a dropdown for universe, followed by tickies for specific canons — see fandom list above]
       (Select a universe, then check the ticky box(es) for the canon(s) you want)

       Crossover: _____________
       (If you'd like to request a crossover, select the first canon as usual, then type the rest in here)

       Prompt*: _____________________________________________

If you select multiple ticky boxes within a universe or use the crossover box, a box will pop up reminding you to let us know in the Details area if you want all of those canons, or if you're saying any of those canons will be good.

What ratings are you comfortable receiving?*
  [  ]  General
  [  ]  Teen and Up
  [  ]  Mature
  [  ]  Explicit

  [  ]  Copy my preferences to the Giving page
        (Your checkmarks will be copied over to the next page, where you'll be able to edit them if you want.)

Content Preferences for Receiving
       If you like, mention characters or ships you particularly love or prefer not to see


       General preferences and additional comments on what you'd like to receive


       (This is a good place to tell us about anything you particularly LOVE to get, things that aren't your cup of tea, or cover any topics we missed above!)

Page 2: Giving!

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

What media do you produce?*
  [  ]  Fic
  [  ]  Art
       Other media and preferences: _____________________________
       (Let us know if you prefer to make fic rather than art or vice versa, and if you work in any other media!)

What canons are you comfortable producing fanwork in?*

You are asked to mark the ticky boxes of the appropriate canons; see above for the canons list.

       Other canons or canon-media preferences? ___________________________________
       (If you have media restrictions for any canons, such as being willing to draw but not write FFVI, this is the place to let us know!)

What ratings are you comfortable producing?*
  [  ]  General
  [  ]  Teen and Up
  [  ]  Mature
  [  ]  Explicit

What gender combinations are you comfortable producing?*
  [  ]  F/F
  [  ]  F/M
  [  ]  M/M
  [  ]  Threesomes/moresomes: all F
  [  ]  Threesomes/moresomes: all M
  [  ]  Threesomes/moresomes: mixed gender
  [  ]  Gen (no romantic or sexual content with any genders)
  [  ]  I prefer not to create sexual content with any genders (but romance is okay)
  [  ]  Trans or non-binary genders
        Other gender and relationship preferences: ___________________________________

Content Preferences for Gifting
       Any characters or ships you particularly love or prefer not to work with?


       General preferences and additional comments on what you'd like to produce


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ff.exchange@gmail.com or leave a comment!