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Chocobo Races - October Wrap-Up and November Theme!

October has produced some great prompt fills! Here’s a master list:

Peculiar Tastes (650 words) by faviconStealth_Noodle

SnowBlind (1049 words) by faviconcrankyoldman

Comfortable (922 words) by faviconseventhe

Our Shadows (2202 words) by faviconVrazdova

Everything is a toy, an object. (1045 words) by faviconnotraffic

Ascent (908 words) by faviconFireEye

The Man You Made (2677 words) by faviconWallwalker

Haunted by ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie

Tintinnabulum by ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie

In Need Of Repairs by [livejournal.com profile] kristinmachina

Blush by ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie

Untitled by [livejournal.com profile] katmillia

You can also browse the AO3 Collection if you missed work from last month!

(Please let us know if we’ve missed your work - we tried our hardest to keep track of it all!)

By our count, the scoring is as follows:
Team Tonberry: 23 prompts and 3 fills for 38 points
Team Cactuar: 43 prompts and 9 fills for 88 points

Team Cactuar has a substantial lead coming into November! However, November’s theme has some very high-scoring potential - can Team Tonberry catch up, or will Team Cactuar move even further ahead?

For November, we’ll be going back to the Chocobo Down Master List (although you are also welcome to use leftover prompts from the October Prompt-A-Thon, from LJ or DW).

November is Small Fandom Appreciation Month. This means you’ll be able to win extra points for your team by creating gifts for fandoms that are historically under-represented in DOINK! Don’t know any small fandoms? Don’t worry - your Chocobo Down will still count for points. Here’s how we’ll be scoring:
  • All work submitted in November 2011 will be worth 5 points.

  • Work submitted in small fandoms will be given 5 bonus points, and will be worth 10 points total per piece. “Small Fandoms” include: FFIV (and IV: The After Years), FFVI, FFIX

  • Work submitted in teeny bitty fandoms will be given 10 bonus points, to be worth 15 points total per piece. “Teeny Bitty Fandoms” include: FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFV and Legend of the Crystals, FFXI, VS, all Tactics games, FFXIV, FF: TSW, FFU, FF: MQ, FF: 4 Heroes, all Crystal Chronicles games

Often when we are matching participants, we find it very difficult to match these smaller fandoms (mostly because fans are few and far between, and we like to give people 2 to 3 matches to choose from). So we’re hoping that by giving them the spotlight (and the bonus points) this month, we can help bring some love to these unmatched prompts!

So once again, here’s how to get started:
  • Browse the Chocobo Down list until you find a great prompt to work with. There are three years worth of prompts! :D

  • Create something for that prompt that fits our simple Chocobo Down Expectations.

  • Post your CD into the LJ community ([community profile] ff_exchange), into the DW community ([community profile] ff_exchange), or into our collection on AO3. We would prefer you post to AO3, but we’ll be watching all three locations. If you’re posting to LJ/DW, please use appropriate headers — we suggest these so it's easy for us to do the round up:

  • Encourage your fellow participants with comments!

  • Repeat until November’s over!

If you haven’t yet signed up for a team, please do so before posting so that we can count your work for points. You can sign up at the Choose A Team post.

We plan for the round to close Wednesday, November 30, and we’ll be in touch as we get closer to let you know the official time and date. Good luck, everyone! Go Tonberries, go Cactuars! The third lap of Chocobo Racing starts... now!