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Operation: Moogle Fluff!

It's Moogle Fluff time once more!

Moogle Fluff is our way of rewarding betas who worked on fanwork, giving a little extra to the folks whose prompts went out over the pinch hit list -- whose gifter didn't have the same amount of time to create something as other gifters did -- as well as us inviting anyone at all to create for the exchange and contribute awesome Final Fantasy works to the ever-expanding fannish canon. Yes, even if you weren't involved as a participant, a beta or a pinch hitter, you can create fanwork for this period!

Moogle Fluff can be any word count, a simple sketch, tidbits of things, a drabble! Just like for the regular collection, our offer of file hosting still stands with our image upload form. We're spending a lot of time in our inbox, so don't be afraid to poke us for whatever you need.

You can post to the Moogle Fluff 2011 collection here. If you're posting from the regular Post New page, don't forget to put mooglefluff2011 in the Collections/Challenges area under Associations so it will be hidden and include the name of the recipient (if you choose to use one).

The following prompts are available for Moogle Fluff:

1) Any prompt sent out over the pinch hit list: if the prompts went out over the list, they are fair game for Moogle Fluff. All the list archives are available to list members, so you can join the mailing list to see them as well as the recipient they belong to.

2) Beta prompts: all betas who offered their services through our official beta volunteer system and were requested at least once should have prompts available if they provided them during beta signups. You can find their AO3 names and prompts at this location (you can also click their names to see all the prompts they've left in the past!). All betas who didn't get any work, don't worry! Your prompts will be available on the Chocobo Down lists post round. :)

3) Any past prompt used in the exchange: during the Moogle Fluff period, our Chocobo Down prompts from previous rounds are offered up as potential Moogle Fluff prompts. If you see a prompt you like, grab it and write a short piece or a make quick sketch and upload it to the mooglefluff2011 collection. Although AO3 names are attached, we do not require you use them, as these prompts are from past rounds and some people may not be taking part this year. We leave the choice up to the creator: you can address your gift to the owner of the prompt if you're comfortable doing so, but if you're not, no recipient is required to post to the Moogle Fluff collection.

The Moogle Fluff collection will be open for work until Friday, May 13th, 2011, 22:55 utc. Both the 2011 collection and the Moogle Fluff collection will be revealed at the same time. :)